The Company


Athens Travel Service

Athens Travel Service is a specialized carrier in travelling counseling area, activated since 1993 in designing, developing, integrating and supporting areas for all services of professional travelling and high quality tourism.

In a successive and long-term course, today it covers all activities spectrum concerning "well travelling".

The firm supports its successive course in constantly seeking and working on new products and services of high qualifications, a fact that have been sealed by the trust manifested by recognizable business groups, Public organizations and individual clients or citizens.

Our selected experienced executives suggest integrated solutions for bucking up professionals in administrating firms’ transfers and professionals’ travels.

Athens Travel Service has been established as the most recognizable organization with authority and punctuality in its area.

Athens Travel Service philosophy and vision

Having as a goal its integrated services, Athens Travel Service functions within a frame of human-centered philosophy, which in relation with the wide coverage spectrum of knowing-how and constant seeking of innovative solutions, gives it precedence in the business travelling area.

The greatest wish of Athens Travel Service people is to always be near their client, anticipating their needs, simultaneously culturing a private climate of trust and reliability, principles that establish its relationships with their clients.

Athens Travel Service vision is the constant investment in new products, so to be always ready for offering services of high quality specifications.

Focusing on people

Athens Travel Service main motive force is its human force. Athens Travel Service executives by their knowing-how, their productivity and their loyalty, are the main “substance” of firm’s success.

Athens Travel Service Services and Solutions

Athens Travel Service is dynamically developing granting solutions and services in the entire spectrum of services in travelling inland and abroad:

  • Professional travels
  • Firms’ travels and transfers
  • Sessions and manifestations
  • Motives travels
  • Individual travels
  • Groups
  • Specialized tourism and destinations
  • Participations in travelling agencies abroad.